Student Rock Bands

Student Rock Bands


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One of the things that makes the St. Petersburg Music Factory unique are our Student bands. Here is how it works; While taking music lessons at the Factory, some of our students want to know what it’s like to play in a band. We don’t just tell them what it’s like, we encourage them to see for themselves. For example, a 12 year old Drum student will join forces with a 11 year old guitar student, and maybe a 13 year old bass student.  Working with an Instructor for one hour each week, the kids get to learn how to play songs together as a unit. It’s an amazing process to watch, as the kids learn so much faster when they’re doing it together. Students get to name their band, pick out the songs they want to play and of course, decide which one of them will actually step up to the microphone and belt out the song. Within a few sessions the students are a full fledged band, complete with their own set list.

Once a band is comfortable enough, it’s showtime in front of an audience. Usually once a month to every six weeks, we hold one of our famous St. Pete Music Factory Showcases, where family and friends are invited out to a local establishment to see how awesome their student musicians actually are. A huge thank you to our venue sponsors; The Hideaway Cafe, Ringside Cafe, The Chattaway, Hideaway Pizza Pub, Yeoman’s Cask and Lion, Skipper’s Smokehouse, Gulf Beaches Rotary Club Festivals, St. Paul’s Festival, St. Raphael’s Festivals, Holy Family Festivals, Shopapalooza, and WMNF!

If you would like to consider booking one of our showcases at your venue or festival reach out to us today!

Remember, only Factory Students are eligible to be in a Factory Student Rock Band, so give us a call, book some lessons and get ready to LEARN, PLAY and ROCK! 

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