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Marty FoutsMarty was born in 1957 outside of DesMoines Iowa. He spent the first 31 years of his life in all of the “I” states–Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. In 1988 Marty moved to St. Petersburg.

Marty brings a lifetime of working- musician experience to the factory. He’s played in bands since his teenage years–everything from rock, to country, to blues. His current band is Delta 88 and he also often plays around town with his talented wife Bonnie Kesler.

Marty has recorded and produced two full-length CD’s of his own songs, 2006’s After the Crash  and 2010′ Labor and Love  . You can see more at www.martyfouts.com

But along with his musical chops, Marty has the disposition of a great teacher. He brings both passion and patience to the Factory, teaching a wide variety of instruments and coaching student bands.

Besides overseeing the day to day operations at the Factory, Marty also hosts the Open Mic nights, sponsored by the Factory at Little Tommies Tiki in Gulfport. Come on down on Wednesday nights and take a listen or take the stage!

Over the years, Marty has had a variety of careers, but says he’s finally found his calling with St. Petersburg Music Factory. He’s co-owner and excited about the future of the Factory: Where music is hand-made and hand-played!

Besides his wife Bonnie and music, Marty does have another love. It’s his daughter Shannon, who is now pursuing a degree in education at USF St. Petersburg.

You can hear more from Marty here.

Have a listen to Marty’s song One and One, from his album “Labor & Love”.


Mike Martin was born in 1988 to a songwriter and as such, has been a lifelong musician and music lover. Mike started playing guitar at the age of eleven and by thirteen was cutting his teeth playing in blues clubs and also playing lead guitar with his father’s trio.

Mike graduated from the Pinellas County Center for the Arts (PCCA) at Gibbs High School where he studied classical guitar, jazz guitar, music theory, sound engineering, and composition. However, Mike found himself bored with classical guitar method and so he immersed himself in the players he found himself listening to like Frank Zappa and John McLaughlin. Mike also began nourishing a passion for jazz, passed down to him by PCCA instructor and saxophonist David Pate.

In 2008, Mike began teaching guitar at what was then called the Rock ‘n Blues Academy and he later began coaching many of the academy’s student bands.

Mike teaches students of all ages and skill levels with fantastic results. He places a high premium on technical proficiency, so if you’re looking to burn on your instrument– Mike’s your man! With a diverse and extensive background in rock, blues, country, metal, punk, alternative, jazz, funk, and ska, Mike is ready to show you everything you wanted to know about the music you love. Mike encourages students to learn their favorite songs. Armed with a wickedly sharp set of ears, Mike can figure out most any song’s structure.



Jon’s fascination with drumming began the moment he laid eyes on the shiny snare drum in his elementary school music classroom. He would go on to play in several bands, march in the Gasparilla Parade, and eventually become a sought after drum instructor. Jon now combines nearly ten years of experience as a Hillsborough County Public School teacher with his passion for drumming; joining the St. Pete Music Factory as a percussion instructor.


David James was born right here in St. Petersburg in 1985. With an older sister who played music, and a father who was a music aficionado, his musical interests supersede his memory. He began taking private guitar lessons at the age of 10, and was playing open blues jams at the Ringside Café by 13. In addition to guitar, David also played the trombone and tuba at both John Hopkins Middle School and the PCCA at Gibbs High School. He is currently studying composition and sound production at the MIRA program at St. Petersburg College. David has been teaching and gigging around the bay area for the past ten years. He has had great results working with both private students and band classes. He approaches his lessons with a “teach a man to fish” attitude, and aims to empower his students as musicians. He puts a high priority on balancing technical development with an understanding of the basic concepts of music theory. With David, you will not only learn how to play your favorite songs, but will also learn to jam. David is both patient, and a good communicator which allows him to work well with students of all ages. Whether you are ready to get serious about playing, or just want to have some fun with music, David James can make it happen for you!