Here at the St. Petersburg Music Factory, we tailor our lessons to the individual student. Instruction is designed around each individuals skill level, so students will be able to learn the music they love and excel at their own pace. We offer instruction for all skill levels. For beginners, you’ll learn the basics to get you up and playing in just a few lessons. For our intermediate and more advanced students, our instructors will work with you to take your skills to exactly where you want them. You’ll even have the option of joining one our in-house Bands. Regardless of age, 8 years old or 80 years young, call us today and get ready LEARN. PLAY. ROCK.



Private one hour and half hour lessons are offered Monday through Friday. During this time, students will work one on one with their Instructor. For the younger or beginner student, half hour lessons work well, while for the teen, adult or more serious student, one hour sessions are recommended.




You don’t need to own an instrument to get started taking lessons! Here at The Factory, we have keyboards, organs, drums, bass and both acoustic and electric guitars onsite. Find out which instrument you’re most comfortable with and give it a try before you buy! We can also guide you, with years of experience, to get you or your student the right instrument that will take them to their next phase of learning.



Lessons are sold by the month and prices vary depending on the length of the lesson. (1/2 hour or Hour) The monthly rate is figured from a per lesson rate. The per lesson rate is; half hour is $20 or $25 and an hour is $37.50 or $46.25. The price is dependent upon the teacher selected. The price is not reflective of a teacher’s skill so much as their preffered pay rate. Band classes are priced differently as it is a set fee for the month to be in a SPMF band, it is $40 for students also taking private lessons or $65 for students who are not. There are student and family discounts available. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us.



There are NO sign up fees at the St. Petersburg Music Factory. If you’re ready to get started, so are we! Just give us a call at 727-520-ROCK (7625) Tell us what instrument you or your student is interested in, schedule a lesson and get started on making some music!

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